What our flight students have to say.
The success stories.

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We asked Pilot Training Network graduates to look back and rate their time in ATPL Training, to tell us about the experience of starting their career – and what it's like to be an airline pilot. Here are their answers.

Ivan Bogdanovic.

“Training with airline character.”

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“I knew that my dream of becoming a pilot was associated with a certain degree of risk – particularly because pilot training isn’t exactly cheap. But two aspects ultimately helped me achieve my goal: the favorable market situation today and my discipline during the training with PTN. After comparing a lot of flight schools in terms of costs and conditions, I ultimately decided against the cheaper ones and opted for PTN: first-class training in both theory and practice along with helpful expert instructors. Thanks to the MCC in the full flight simulator in particular, I was well prepared for the screenings at the airlines – the airline character was promoted even during the training! I had to do a lot of studying and often set aside my personal interests. But looking back, it was well worth it. Even after my training, the close contact with the recruitment support staff ensured I was always up to date in terms of job advertisements and could respond immediately. I’ve had my Airline Transport Pilot certificate since September 2015 and successfully completed my line training on the 737NG with Germania in July 2016. Thank you for the fantastic training and the amazing support afterwards!”

André Martschinke.

“An increasing learning curve is standard here!”

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“My dad worked for Lufthansa Technik, so I developed an interest in aviation at a very early age. To complement my piloting career with a secondary mainstay, I decided to study business administration following my mechatronics training program. I worked full-time during my studies to finance my pilot training and really enjoyed my time with PTN. The second theory phase in particular was a lot of fun, even though it was very demanding at times and I spent most of my time studying. From the very first day, the theory teachers made it abundantly clear that we needed to strive for a linearly increasing learning curve at all times – and that was my goal from that point on. My discipline and the motivation of the expert teachers enabled me to increase my learning successes on a daily basis. I’ve had the Airline Transport Pilot certificate since September 2015. I’m looking forward to my line training on the B737NG with SunExpress Deutschland in May and would like to say thank you for the first-class training and the premium, comprehensive support during and after the program!”

Daniela Murphy.

“It’s important to never give up.”

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“Since the age of 17, I’ve always been fascinated by flying and wanted to be a pilot. To get my foot in the door of the airline world, I worked as a flight attendant for Germanwings, though one thing quickly became clear to me: the only job for me is the one in the cockpit! My colleagues recommended Pilot Training Network, suggesting it’s the best flight school in Germany, and that’s where I completed my training in November 2011. Despite the exceptional training, the economic situation at that time was difficult and I cultivated and expanded my knowledge and skills as a simulator instructor, flight teacher and finally as a pilot for a small airline on the North Sea. In difficult times like these in particular, it’s important to never give up. Thanks to the ongoing contact with PTN, I was given the opportunity last fall to take part in the selection process at Volotea, where after obtaining type rating certification I’m now looking forward to my work as a first officer!”

Sascha d'Angelo.

"Training with a seal of quality."

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"Despite leaving the Lufthansa selection process during the final stage, I did not give up on my big dream. In looking for alternatives, I happened upon the Pilot Training Network. Its comprehensive training package and the many positive opinions I heard about it convinced me to take the plunge. I can now look back on an incredibly intense and excellent training experience with a lot of high points. I am very grateful to PTN for the excellent structure of the instruction they provided, the highly motivated and skilled instructors, and above all, the airline-oriented training that offers optimal preparation for working as an airline pilot. Following my training, I often heard from external instructors that they consider the high level of adherence to procedure by PTN students remarkable – and graduates can offer this as a seal of quality when speaking to potential employers. Now, as a pilot at Swiss Global Air Lines, I do not think it was so bad traveling the somewhat rockier path I did because I am now part of an exclusive group of people who start each workday with a big smile."

Markus Balke.

“I am glad each and every day.”

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It took a while to get my first aviation job, but once I got there, everything suddenly started to move very quickly: contract, type rating, supervision, and finally the line check. All this in less than four months – a packed program that would have been so much harder had it not been for the first-class preparation and professional support provided by Pilot Training Network throughout the ATPL training. I am extremely grateful to everyone involved for this! The 17-month ATPL training went by incredibly quickly. The mix of theory and practice is perfectly suited to the requirements of a future pilot. The instructors are very highly qualified and generally have an aviation background themselves – for me, one of the most important factors when it came to choosing PTN. With this job, one of my lifelong dreams has come true! And I am glad each and every day when I get to sit in the cockpit of a Dash 8 Q400, we taxi to the runway, and the captain finally says to me “You have control.”


Daniel Backes.

“A successful landing in professional life”

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It isn’t always easy to privately finance pilot training, but since I had a burning desire to pursue my chosen career, I really wanted to establish the basis for a successful future at a flying school with good prospects. It was clear from the very first day what is expected of you and what is important: being prepared to do something toward achieving your goal every day. InterCockpit provided the ideal basis for doing this. In addition to the instructional material and the aircraft, the staff and the whole setup were especially exceptional, which made life so much easier. As such, it is with pleasure that I look back on expert instructors and a highly agreeable atmosphere at the flying school. After the leading Swiss leisure airline Edelweiss Air made enquiries about pilots at PTN and I and other course colleagues successfully passed the five-stage assessment process (similar to that of Swiss), I couldn’t be happier to be part of this company, which offers individuals outstanding opportunities.


Oliver Dornbusch.

“InterCockpit was my runway to a super career.”

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“2005 was not an easy time for new ATPL holders. But thanks to what I learned through InterCockpit I was able to start my career on an interesting path right away. In September 2005, I was hired as a first officer on the A320 with flyniki – I had taken the first big step. In 2009, I played an important role in the commissioning of a new fleet of Embraer 190 aircraft: I completed type rating in a couple of weeks, flew under supervision at Finnair in Helsinki, brought the first two E190s from São Paulo – my first transatlantic flight was an amazing experience that will stay in my memory for the rest of my life. I later flew the E190 as a captain, and soon after I was a trainer. After nearly six years at flyniki, I moved to a gulf airline and flew the Airbus A330 to destinations such as Hong Kong, Cape Town, Mumbai, Durban and Colombo. After almost two years on the A330, I am now senior first officer in the largest and most modern commercial aircraft in the world, the Airbus 380. Unbelievable! A super career – one that first took off on the InterCockpit runway.”

Dennis Crespo.

“I’m living my dream!”

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“I was already fascinated by aircraft before I began my training at InterCockpit, but that fascination was only strengthened by the training there. Once you’ve been in charge of an aircraft during takeoff, flight, and landing, you never want to give it up! There was always close contact with airlines or their representatives during the training, so you were continuously kept up-to-date regarding selection processes and the current market situation. Throughout my training, I always hoped to go to Condor, and in the end that’s what happened. I am very happy here and can’t imagine a better employer. Flying the Boeing 757 is as much fun now as on the first day, and the atmosphere at Condor is also wonderful. I am very happy that I opted for training at InterCockpit – they really were great days. Although there was a lot of studying, it was still a lot of fun. In particular, flying along the coast of Florida was a unique experience. And now I’m living my dream!”

Alexander Kutschmann.

“The entry into working life was made easy for me.”

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“Right from the beginning, I was convinced by the Pilot Training Network training concept. I soon noticed many parallels during the transition from flight school to the airline, and the clearly defined structures of flight school in particular made the entry into working life easy. In addition to the high demands placed by the top-quality training, PTN also understands how to teach the required levels of independent learning and working and the endurance and perseverance necessary for this career. They know how to maximize the potential of each student during training, in a professional ambience and with a practical, no-nonsense manner – which is exactly what you need in daily life as a commercial pilot. I am currently enjoying work at Lufthansa CityLine, where a clear structure and optimal communication are combined with an inimitably easygoing, friendly atmosphere among colleagues – everything runs like clockwork. Landing at London City is always a highlight in the Embraer: the steep approach of just 2,000 feet coming down over the River Thames, Tower Bridge, and the City financial district onto the unusually short runway is a remarkable experience.”

Marc Tauss.

„InterCockpit offers you a carefree package.“

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„There’s nothing better than flying! As a child, I already knew that I would become an airline pilot one day. When I was 14 years old, I became a glider pilot. At 20, I decided on the InterCockpit pilot training with integrated ILST programme of study completing my degree as graduate engineer four years later. InterCockpit offers flight students a carefree package. They provide first-class equipment based both on practical and theoretical training, with experienced instructors for each theoretical discipline. Pilot training and engineering study were perfectly combined. My flight phase took place during the semester break and was simply great. With the presentation of an airline at InterCockpit, I got around to my Bachelor Thesis, the dissertation of the ILST programme of study. Less than four weeks upon completion of my degree, I started my career as an airline pilot with Swiss European.“