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The InterCockpit locations in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, Rostock-Laage, and Vero Beach/Florida offer optimal conditions for theoretical and practical training.

Vero Beach


Training content: Theoretical Training, Simulator Training, and Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Classroom instruction takes place at the Lufthansa Flight Training Center at Frankfurt Airport. Access to the Lufthansa Group's complete infrastructure, the proximity to airline operations, and the connection to the route networks of almost all airlines operating internationally give students an authentic feel for aviation right from the start. The majority of the Lufthansa Flight Training simulator fleet used by InterCockpit is located in Frankfurt.


Training content: Instrument Flight Training

Flight students then complete Flight Phase II of the ATPL Training at the flight base in Rostock-Laage: the Instrument Flight Training (IFR Training). The Rostock Airport offers perfect operational conditions and conveys an authentic feel for aviation: The modern infrastructure is tailored to the needs of international airlines, and communicates a realistic idea of the airline pilot profession. From Rostock-Laage, numerous North German airports can also be approached. In addition, the Eurofighter pilot training is held here, too. The environment offers many free time activities – e.g. the sand beach of Warnemünde stretching for miles.

Vero Beach/U.S.A.

Training content: Visual Flight Training

Flight Phase I of the ATPL Training takes place in Vero Beach (Florida): the Visual Flight Training (VFR Training). The flight school is situated on the premises of the Vero Beach Municipal Airport. Short distances, excellently equipped classrooms, and a modern training fleet guarantee an effective and first-class level of training. And the ideal climatic conditions ensure optimal conditions during the visual flight training – and sunny leisure hours on the coast of Florida.

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